Meet The Team

Maria Seddio photoMaria Seddio
Founder and President, CorpTalk

Maria Seddio is an executive coach and organizational design and development consultant specializing in communication, corporate community building, collaborative design and change.

The architect behind CorpTalk's business model, brand and signature content library, Maria ensures that CorpTalk's approach to business communication, innovation, and team collaboration fuses the art, science and practice of conversation into its very core.

She advises C-level executives and global business leaders in a number of Global 100 and Global 500 companies and has successfully delivered multi-year M&A integrations and organizational redesigns featuring participatory management practices, triple bottom line thinking and the development of self-empowered learning cultures.

By focusing on conversation as a core business process and the power of story to shape what is most promising, she supports high performing teams and individual coaching clients to develop differentiated leadership and brand attributes while achieving truly transformational outcomes.

She often coaches multiple teams and business leaders in coordinated, enterprise-wide efforts working astutely to channel the larger group’s diverse talent, subject expertise and change capability into a cohesive community endeavor.

Maria is committed to creating a safe and energetic environment for the exploration of ideas and is a sought-after presenter and panelist for leadership and industry symposia. She is known as a dedicated educator and coaches' coach who is skilled at helping others work through complex and/or difficult circumstances with positive energy, thoughtfulness and a persistent sense of optimism.

Through CorpTalk, she introduced the concept of the SmallWorldEvent™ to address the impact of the global economy on people and to provide a means through which individuals and companies could share ideas and seek collaborative solutions together. She has authored over twenty five coaching modules for CorpTalk’s signature coaching programs, is a contributor to the Najafi Global Mind Set Institute's book: Developing Your Global Mind Set: The Handbook for Successful Global Leaders and a frequent contributor to the Italian cultural webzine, Transfinito.

Trained in interpersonal psychology and systems theory, Maria received her master's degree in counseling from Hofstra University and is a Licensed Family Therapist and Past President of the New Jersey Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. As founder of "The Washline", a participatory art and story sharing initiative that promotes the legacy of workingwomen across the ages, Maria is active in women's leadership and entrepreneurship development.

Debra Hirsch photoDebra Hirsch
Senior Consultant

Debbie Hirsch is an executive coach and communication expert who specializes in collaboration, leadership and change. Debbie develops high-performance teams and strong business leaders, helping companies introduce and build collaborative, global mindsets and behaviors. She delivers high-impact coaching solutions to support clients throughout every stage of their careers, from on-boarding to promotions to career transitions.

Utilizing a big-picture perspective, and through a combination of interactive workshops and one-on-one coaching, she helps clients create engaged, motivated teams in which each member brings forth his/her best ideas, energy and effort. Debbie's emphasis on collaboration helps executives build strong relationships to work effectively across all key stakeholder groups and project phases. She also supports them in shaping strategic communications and key messaging, ensuring broad-scale engagement.

In addition to her success with high-performance teams, Debbie is expert in CorpTalk online coaching solutions, playing a lead role in developing and delivering high-energy, interactive webinar and e-learning programs.

Debbie is known for her ability to deliver keen insights and fresh perspectives in a straightforward style with ease and humor. This translates into reduced stress, greater work satisfaction and optimal performance for her clients.

Debbie's extensive corporate coaching experience, combined with her years as an officer and senior account manager in large New York advertising agencies, gives her a rich understanding of the corporate world, its vast possibilities and inherent complexities. Debra also leads workshops and webinars for HR and OD professionals. She received her BSE from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and is a CorpTalk Certified Master Coach.

Rick Gardner photoRick Gardner

Rick Gardner is a professional coach and organizational development consultant who focuses on the value of conversation as a key component and measure of personal and organizational success. Rick's insights and ability stem from his 20+ years experience in numerous corporate management roles and advanced training in leadership development and coaching. He is passionate about getting people to think through business and organizational issues and develop more collaborative approaches to improve overall performance and ensure successful business results.

A "synergy enthusiast", Rick focuses on integrating Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Systems Thinking, Total Quality Management (TQM), and other proven practices into the DNA of the business culture. Emphasizing a highly practical approach, priority is placed on identifying and implementing small, achievable changes in key areas that make larger and measurably successful differences for organizations, and helps executives enhance their personal brand using transformational leadership behavioral styles.