In our fast-paced, global business environment, complexity is the new normal and change is the only
true constant. The ability to drive and adapt to change determines who remains competitive in the marketplace With stakes this high it helps to have change leaders ready and a methodology that works!

Market leading companies don't wait for change to take them by surprise; they work at changing every day. A culture of healthy change comes about through wholehearted interactions and conversations that reflect the free flow of creative ideas and information. By focusing attention on what is new and different, we are able to work collaboratively to answer deeper questions, stimulate increased innovation and drive clear-headed direction setting and decision-making.

Key to this is creating a meaningful change narrative for the business; one in which everyone is fully vested and experiencing increased awareness, ownership and belonging. It is through this powerful act of collective authorship and engagement that employees embrace, contribute to and participate in a powerful story of what's next.

CorpTalk Solutions

CorpTalk offers a full range of design and support services to support our clients in developing change expertise. Linked to our signature change program, Change is a Conversationā„¢, these services include advisement, assessment, design, facilitation, coaching, tutorials and think-tank sessions.

We introduce complex ideas in simple straightforward language linked to easy to use tools, customized roadmaps and a bold vision blueprint featuring crisp, clean messaging and detailed communication and engagement strategies.

  • Change visioning: advisement/ strategic workout sessions/ facilitation
  • Change blueprint: whole system planning /implementation "roadmaps"
  • Change readiness assessment: snapshot/ pulsechecks/ focus groups
  • What's working: milestones/measurements/communications
  • Change is a Conversation: leadership coaching/workshops/ webinars
  • MyCoach online program: change emphasis/pod coaching
  • Train-the-Trainer: internal facilitators/change ambassadors/solution teams

Our programs generate an ownership model for commitment and resolve thereby ensuring an unparalleled level of success.

Key Benefits

Team members will:
  • Navigate transformational change cycles with greater competence, calm and confidence
  • Channel positive energy through change coaching
  • Execute change management initiatives that are highly complex or were previously considered impossible
  • Take advantage of the churn that's inherent in change to drive innovation
  • And moreā€¦

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CorpTalk brings 20 years of experience developing deep transformational change work in partnership with fast growth and Global 500 companies. Our whole-system methodology, up-front approach and rich knowledge base ensure that change leadership capabilities, uniquely applicable to our clients' internal operational models, are effectively transferred to our clients.

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