Innovation means inspiring collaboration to cultivate and manage bold, breakthrough ideas and incremental advancements while also managing the daily pragmatics of running a business. In our wildly competitive 21st century marketplace, sustainable enterprises work to stimulate a continual stream of ideas, solutions, and improvements that add differentiated value to products, services and internal processes.

To achieve this kind of organic groundswell, it is essential for cross-functional groups to engage in open, inspired, freeform conversations. CorpTalk has the mastery to ignite these conversations. We draw from our own meeting designs and other dialogue based learning methodologies including, World Café, Open Space Technology, Appreciative Inquiry and Dialogue.

Using systems thinking to guide our designs, we create the context and environment that fosters team-building and development linked to innovation incubation and self-sponsored think tanks.

CorpTalk Solutions

Through "Innovation is a Conversation ," CorpTalk provides the approach, tools and platform to foster creative thinking and participatory management.

Hands-on design, strategic workouts, interactive creative workshops, and cross-functional events are used to propel employees at all levels to innovation breakthroughs.

  • "Innovation is a Conversation " workshops /webinars and meeting kick-starts
  • Senior-level coaching, strategizing and advisement to support innovation
  • Process improvement design sessions
  • Bold visioning strategic workout sessions, think tank facilitation
  • Team-building: conversation facilitation / team coaching/workshops
  • Train the trainer: internal facilitators / change ambassadors / solution teams
  • "Small World" events: cross-functional and discipline innovation events

Key Benefits

Team members will:
  • Develop inclusive, forward-thinking leaders who leverage the Social IQ and EQ of the organization
  • Build innovative, agile and solution-oriented change-ready teams
  • Cultivate full engagement, active learning, innovative cultures
  • Engage customers as innovation partners, increasing responsiveness, exceeding expectations
  • Embrace a culture of ideas, constantly expanding opportunities and outreach
  • Create a new, bright voice in the marketplace
  • Coach teams to meet complex problems and essential change with confidence
  • Achieve extraordinary results leveraging the primary resource of every organization: people
  • And more ...

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CorpTalk can help your organization convert ordinary conversation into dynamic action and continuous improvement. Click here to get the conversation started.


CorpTalk programs immerse teams in a "big picture mentality" to reveal opportunities for solving complex problems and hot burning issues through intensive collaboration. We create the context and develop the skill sets for bringing what's most promising into focus. The magic in the system comes alive through a rich mix and churn of ideas as diverse cross-sections of the organization gather to talk in new ways.

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CorpTalk maintains an extensive resource library that illustrates our unique approach and supplements our front-line services.