Performance management supports the ability to execute on goals and achieve targeted results in order to maintain a competitive advantage. In a high performing organization, employees everywhere take ownership for the organization's directional efforts and overall success.

And everyone has a key role in performance management: organizations provide a supportive learning context and tools; managers provide targeted feedback, encouragement and coaching and employees map and successfully manage their own work and careers. Style assessments, such as MBTI, TKI and Team Dimensions support insight to drive individual and team development.

Open, honest, ongoing conversations ensure that performance is addressed consistently, close to the moment and with a bias toward discovering and building on strengths. Annual Reviews then cap off and reconfirm what has already been covered through daily or frequent interactions.

CorpTalk Solutions

Performance management is embedded into the fabric of our programs through our conversational model. We offer tools, workout sessions and individual and team coaching delivered by expert Master Coaches who are committed to achieving outstanding results. Solution components include:

  • 360 Feedback
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Individual and Team Charters
  • Goal and Priority Setting
  • Stakeholder Analysis and Strategy
  • Scenario learning and role play
  • Personal Brand Development

Key Benefits

  • Mission, Vision and Values come alive through performance
  • Teams share what's working well and what needs to improve
  • Individuals and teams break through traditional performance barriers
  • 360 Feedback conversations yield immediate insights and improvements
  • Teams work to maximize and integrate efforts on key initiatives
  • Performance culture breeds sense of pride and ownership
  • And more ...

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CorpTalk's performance coaching and consultations develop a broad-based growth-oriented feedback mechanism, rooted in open and honest conversation. Our approach to performance management is personalized, motivating and informative. Our measurements and milestones are linked to both business deliverables and long-term behavioral development. As a result, organizational growth is sustained and self-managed.

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