The CorpTalk Solution Matrix™

CorpTalk creates customized, holistic solutions by combining successful program components designed to meet the needs of our clients with energy and efficiency.

 Using the Solution Matrix 

The CorpTalk Solution Matrix™ is our pinpoint diagnostic tool for matching your needs with our menu of specialized capabilities and services.

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Service Descriptions

Think Overview

Cross disciplinary insights, thought leadership and advisement featuring systems thinking.

Forward thinking business leaders and teams shape the future by shaping their own thinking. They weave a broad view and learning mindset into the very fabric of the business. CorpTalk provides cross-disciplinary insights, thought leadership and strategic advisement featuring systems thinking and a conversational model for change.

Through one-on-one briefings, planning sessions, global think tanks, live and virtual conferences and learning events, CorpTalk kicks up the conversation and supports you to think through, re-conceptualize and envision powerful new roadmaps for success.



Design Overview

CorpTalk uses a user-centered design to bring out the best in any organization, team, or individual.

A good design saves money and time while ensuring the best outcomes possible. CorpTalk utilizes a proprietary solution-oriented model, customized for each client, to create elegant, efficient, self- sustainable programs and designs for growth. These include everything from enterprise wide culture change initiatives, to innovation incubation, to team building and /or the enhancement of existing programs.

CorpTalks design process begins with an in-depth briefing with the project sponsor, a key part of our interactive comprehensive needs analysis. This allows us to map the design to your specific needs and combine elements from our content library and design architectures into an elegant, simple to implement, sustainable solution. This ensures your design is constituted in a sound philosophy and framework rooted in systems thinking and backed by experience, best practices and a robust content library.



Coach Overview

Savvy organizations use coaching to sustain competitive advantage while reducing training costs.

By bringing out the best in people, you position them to thrive and your business to succeed. With hundreds of success stories and over thirty-five proprietary coaching modules from which to draw, CorpTalk Master Coaches provide deep dive, highly personalized learning experiences customized to target the needs of any individual or team.

Our conversational coaching methodology supports tipping point momentum, providing the optimal alignment and synergy of cross-organizational coaching efforts. Whether developing a strategic leadership edge, assimilating new leaders and teams, building cross functional collaborative skills or right tracking mission critical talent, CorpTalk's executive and online coaching programs support clients to achieve transformational change and more deeply rooted workforce competitiveness.



Online Overview

CorpTalk offers the wisdom of extensive corporate experience. The online forum brings it to you.

Our Online Coaching Programs function as a fully integrated, versatile, e-learning system enhanced through one-on-one individual and webinar based team coaching sessions. This online capability supports individuals and teams to fast track development across their entire career life cycles and allows clients to put in place powerful broad based coaching solutions linked to business deliverables in cost effective ways.

CorpTalk's proprietary coaching online model, supported by over thirty five core learning modules and dozens of tools, tips and techniques based on the latest research and the "pearls of wisdom" we've cultivated working with high performing business leaders and teams for nearly two decades, sets people up to succeed at work. Programs are structured to achieve specific outcomes or milestones including re-energizing stalled projects, fast-tracking of individuals and teams, onboarding new employees and assimilating current employees into new roles OR supporting successful career transitions. Whether it is for one or large groups of employees, our online change coaching programs provide easy access and personal support.



Workshop Overview

Interactive workshops spur your people to achieve critical business deliverables and key objectives

Support your teams specific goals and needs with a deep-dive interactive workshop linked to critical business deliverables and/or organizational learning objectives. Create a winning culture by introducing powerful concepts linked to experiential group learning, team-building and development.

Our interactive workshop designs and conversational model put the focus on people and provide the context for creativity, continuous improvement, team building and innovation. Choose from ready content, easily customize our content to suit your needs or collaborate in the development of subject- specific workshops tailored precisely to your objectives. Our expert facilitation delivers unprecedented engagement and powerful outcomes.



Assess Overview

Sound, qualitative data drive good design and powerful, lasting results. We provide the rich context

CorpTalks full range of assessments includes organizational surveys, change- readiness evaluations, pulse checks, team -dynamic tracking, stakeholder interviews, and branding- impact diagnostics, 360 multi-raters, leadership, emotional intelligence, career matching and work style assessment tools (Myers Briggs, Thomas Kilmann, Team Dimensions, CPI, STRONG and DiSC).

We generate, analyze and interpret the data to guide a team or individual through insight-oriented development featuring enhanced decision-making, problem-solving, change management and relationship-building skills. Assessments can be delivered via live or telephone one-on-one coaching sessions, group workshops or webinars.



Certify Overview

Transferring our coaching expertise into your organization puts capability development in your hands

CorpTalks advanced train the trainer programs transfer our knowledge base and know how to individuals through one-on-one tutorials and small group training intensives. In this way, organizations strengthen leadership bench strength and participatory management practices by developing their internal capability related to coaching, facilitation and change management.

CorpTalk certifications require mastery of the core learning concepts, demonstrated ability in the relevant skill cluster and insightful application of specialized content specific to the category of expertise. Programs feature live case applications and a combination of didactic and experiential learning. Certifications include Global Change Leader, Change Ambassador, Business Leader as Coach, Business Leader as Facilitator, HR Business Leader as Coach.



Convene Overview

CorpTalk designs and facilitates uniquely powerful and purpose-driven meetings. Come alive!

The role of the global business leader is to convene, host, facilitate and participate in conversations that are meaningful to the business. Winning meetings drive the business forward. CorpTalk designs, plans and facilitates uniquely powerful and purpose-driven meetings that draw on self-organizing principles to ensure participant engagement.

These include strategic direction-setting meetings, full-scale learning and participatory management events, fast- track team development sessions, process improvement or problem resolutions sessions, cross-functional team development sessions, innovation incubators, think tanks, and celebratory events linked to business results organizational shifts or learning and development milestones. From start to finish, your uniquely powerful meeting design is generated through our collaborative process and joint effort. We work with you to clarify current context and goals, identify key stakeholders and thought leaders, articulate the provocative proposition or organizing questions and then map design the art, science and practice of conversation to achieve deep, long-lasting, unprecedented results.



Speak Overview

CorpTalk offers keynote-level programs and presentations. Conversations are living systems!

Keynotes and kick-starts get people thinking and talking about important global workplace issues and the changing role of 21st century leaders. These interactive presentations and powerful opening speeches frame your learning event or corporate gathering to support your agenda. We introduce game-changing ideas in simple, straightforward language linked to powerful graphics and interesting, fun examples to get key stakeholders and broader groups thinking and talking.

Topics of focus include: change, conversation is a core business process, systems thinking and the power of storytelling. The focus is always on engaging an open and free-flowing exchange of ideas, stimulating cohesion and innovation for all employees, as well as the collaboration of thought leaders to evolve the business environment.