Every business has a great story to tell … but not every business or business leader knows how to tell it.

CorpTalk supports you to tell your stories in remarkable ways by introducing narrative practice into your organization.

When you tell a great story you invite people to join with you by sharing their own stories. What draws people in? What are they talking about? How do our stories connect and overlap? These collective stories serve as mind maps or cohesive mental frames providing common ground and meaning. They channel creativity and enhance both Social EQ and Social IQ, supporting us to coordinate our efforts and imagine what is possible.

In business, these stories take shape through strategic messaging and team interactions, but also by what gets whispered in the hallway. Every day, conversations pump life into our stories and our stories come alive through our conversations. This powerful interplay forms a dynamic composition of creative thought and experience that functions as your greatest working asset.

CorpTalk Solutions

CorpTalk introduces narrative practice into organizations. We help you shape stories that make a difference. What draws people in? What are they talking about? We work with you to generate grand narratives, dynamic compositions of creative thought and experience that support multiple stories.

Our solutions involve:

  • One-on-one interviews and strategic visioning sessions with senior leaders
  • Focus groups and café-type events with broader audiences
  • Story-shaping, "BrainFrame™," sessions
  • Communication and messaging blueprints

Key Benefits

  • A shared mental construct for understanding and shaping the business
  • A fully embodied sense of connection and community
  • Powerful metaphors that support innovation and breakthrough thinking
  • Cross-cultural understanding and immersion in global dialogue
  • Interesting and enjoyable ways to share information and build a knowledgebase
  • And more ...

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CorpTalk uses the power of story to shape culture, express ideas, share experiences, and communicate vision. Whereas traditional communication strategies often fail to connect us in meaningful ways, authentic story power taps into our hearts and minds at a near primal level, delivering business benefit and culture change.

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