Program Sponsors

(including C-Level Executives and Functional Leaders in Global 100 and Global 500 Companies)


"If you have any doubt that leadership and culture are primary business accelerators, a few weeks with CorpTalk on your team will change your mind. Their methodologies have repeatedly enabled me to accelerate the development of my team and business.
—  CEO, Business Unit of Global 100 Company (Biotech/Healthcare)


"CorpTalk provides world class talent at an affordable price. They helped us through growing pains and touched every aspect of the organization. Our teams have become much more aware of how they work together and their impact has improved tremendously. Our whole organization feels more connected now and more aware of how we handle change. Even visitors notice the high- energy, high morale, and collaborative environment. Some coaching companies provide a more superficial relationship and fit you into a formula but with CorpTalk there’s a much more in-depth understanding of the organization and they translate their principles into what works for our organization.
—  President of Business Unit in Global 500 Company (Process Gas and Engineering Services)


“CorpTalk’s program didn’t impact just program participants, but also those who interacted with them. People learned vital skills to be collaborative, communicate, hold difficult conversations, take action, start small, empower yourself, share your ideas, build trust, and be a leader regardless of your title. These individuals grew in their roles and the entire organization benefited from their growth. You could see it and hear it from the compliments that came to the team. The energy of the entire team changed for the positive.”
—  Chief Technology Officer, Business Unit of Global 500 Company (Financial Services)


"CorpTalk helped me develop a strategy to build the global sensory and consumer- research organization into a "small world" community. By the end of this process, a 45-member team spanning 11 countries became a highly integrated community who challenged each other's thinking while supporting each other's projects. The strategies we developed led to innovative programs and professional development, creating competitive advantage and resulting in the need to increase the size of the team by half.”
—  Director of Sensory Science, Global 2000 Company (Flavor and Fragrance)


“CorpTalk helped us define best practices for a struggling team that is now one of the strongest. This is not coaching out of a can.”
—  Vice President, Global Customer Service, Business Unit of Global 100 Company (Biotech/Healthcare)


“CorpTalk’s work is broader, deeper, richer and more integrated than any coaching company with which I’ve had experience. The model of development through conversation is superior to any other I’ve seen. CorpTalk invests the time required upfront and afterwards in follow-up to make the most impact possible. We have had situations where two people struggled to work together and after working with CorpTalk, they worked through the problems and modeled the behaviors and processes for others on their team to follow. Those involved were left with specific skills to use in the future. Personally, I’ve learned a lot about systems thinking and conversation. We’ve gotten more than our money’s worth!”
—  Human Resources Director, Business Unit of Global 100 Company, (Biotech/Healthcare)


“By focusing on the big picture and the words and conversations that drive it, CorpTalk can help an organization shift an entire belief system, a culture, an operating environment - they work to bring out everyone’s full potential.”
—  Director of Communication, US-based Regional Company (Public Utility)


Feedback from MyCoach™, TransitionCoach™ and ChangeAmbassador™ Program Participants


“My engagement with CorpTalk was a highly valuable, irreplaceable experience which supported my growth at a critical juncture and growth stage in my career.”


“CorpTalk was committed to me and truly cared about my success. They earned my total and complete trust.”


“CorpTalk’s program taught me to always give others a chance and not come to conclusions especially since we are a global company and there are indeed cultural and language differences.”


“I don't jump to conclusions anymore. I try to get to the real question or thought behind someone’s remark or question.”


“I am more likely to engage in conversations that I may have tried to avoid in the past. I also try to push myself to take my normal response or activity to the next level. I ask myself - how can I make this a little better?”


“I feel there is more effort to collaborate and work together better. This shows itself in the level of responsiveness and how we are all taking things a bit further. In the past, where I may have only received a response, now I am seeing interest in understanding the problem and helping the larger issue at hand.”


“CorpTalk’s program has brought us closer together as a global team. I think the cultural differences were a big barrier for us. We always assumed others just do not respond to emails and felt that our e-mails were being ignored. I now think others understand that we all have a great deal of work and everyone is doing their best.”


“Working with CorpTalk did not just impact people IN the program, but also those around the program - those who interacted with those who were in the program.”


“You could see it and you could hear it from the compliments that came to the team. The entire energy of the team changed for the positive.”


















































































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